Well that, my friend, is entirely up to you. The world, as they say, is your oyster. So, where do you want to travel? Get real with it. Is it a bucket list destination? Is it a long trek you don't want to do solo (Hi Kilimanjaro!). Is it a destination that is hard to get to?


Once again, this is up to you! The only requirement is we are adventuring, together, in 2022. But you decide the month, the days, and the duration of the experience!

let's journey



What is your budget? The type of trip will be a factor in the final cost. If it's a luxury trip then prices will be higher than if it were a trek as accommodations are slightly less luxe. BUT, experience y'all. The cost is also dependent on travel to the location, experiences in the destination and food.

So, what do you think?

It has been a dream bringing this vision and idea to life. The only reason I ever started traveling in 2016 is because of an Instagram contest I won and I ended up traveling with a complete stranger! So planning this feels full circle. Below is the survey link which features questions about every single detail of the trip. You decide where, when, how, what - every single detail! I am ready to journey up mountains, through forests, and across oceans, with you.

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