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Women and the Wilderness was inspired by my own search for stories about women and their deep connection to the outdoors– a connection that has completely changed my life. What began as an idea to start a podcast quickly grew into a community.



Rewilding, Reusing, and Regeneration with Elana Jadallah

Elana Jadallah is a marketing strategist, photographer, and environmental advocate based in Hawaii. She and I talk about her journey through sustainability and how that’s guided her to regenerative practices...

Traveling with strangers, double mastectomies and creating community with Lesley Murphy

In a normal year, Lesley lives out of her suitcase- literally. But 2020 had something a little different in store for her. We dive into our whirlwind trip through Asia and how we first met, breast cancer and her double mastectomy, yoga, and how a broken drone led her to meeting her fiancé.

Not allowing physical differences define who you are with Allison Lang

In this episode of Women & the Wilderness I am joined by Allison Lang; content creator, solo female traveler, and advocate for body inclusivity. Oh, and did I mention she’s a left below-the-knee amputee?

A Woman's Journey to the 7 Summits with Marta Misztal

In this episode, we talk about her journey to the 7 summits, how she is preparing for Everest, how she is able to afford these long, expensive climbs, mental toughness and what it means to her to be able to work towards the goal of being the first person to climb both the 7 Summits and the Crown of Europe.

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