Top Outdoor Spaces to See in Switzerland

January 29, 2018

Road trips are arguably the best way to discover a new country. There is nothing like that feeling of an open road, loud music and good company by your side. Sure, there is the occasional snow storm that gets in the way, but that won’t stop me from exploring! I think that has to do with the Maine in me. My road trip began in Zurich upon picking up my Hertz rental. I made my way to Adelboden and then back tracked all the way back to Zurich! The stops below can be seen in one or two days but I suggest spending one or two nights in the area to make the most of it. More on accommodations to come! Here are 5 spots I discovered during my Switss road trip!

Adelboden Suspension Bridge

Fear of heights? Then this stop is not for you. This is one of Europe’s longest suspension bridges! For the adventurers, you can hike along the riverside and for those a little more faint of heart you can simply walk the suspension bridge and BBQ in one of the several picnic areas. Bonus: on one side of the suspension bridge there’s the Brüken-Beizli restaurant where you can enjoy a well deserved refreshment.

Blausee Lake

This romantic forest lake is straight out of a fairytale. No wonder it’s one of Switzerlands’ most popular lakes. Blausee is located in a 50-acre nature park surrounded by nothing but mountains and has been for some 200 years or so. Most notable for its crystal-clear waters.

The best way to access it is by using “Hotel Blausee” as your destination in GPS. I learned the hard way, I simply plugged in “Blausee Lake” to my GPS and whilst it did bring me to the renowned lake, it brought me through a side entrance, through the neighboring trout farm and to my surprise once I arrived there was no parking. Learn from my mistakes people, don’t start your day by getting yelled at by a German man for a minor mistake.

Lake Thunersee

Located in the northern rim of the Swiss Alps in the Bernese Oberland Region, surrounded by mountains, cozy villages and the charming cities of this beautiful country. Seeing this lake in the winter was beautiful so I can’t even imagine what it would look like in the summer! Lake boats sail Lake Thun all year so you’ll be sure to catch all of the highlights on its shores. Thun’s Old Town, Castle of Spiez, St. Beatus Caves, and Niesen are just a few of the beautiful sights in the area.

City of Interlaken

The gem of the Jungfrau region. Interlaken is a must see, even if it’s just for a day trip. With 45 mountain railways, cable cars, chair lifts and a dense network of hiking trails it’s no wonder this location has an international fan base. I personally loved wandering the quaint, historical streets with a warm coffee in hand. The soy milk latte at Ladelokal is a must to keep you nice and toasty!

Quaint and Cozy Mountain Villages

From Adelboden to Lake Thun to Interlaken and all the way back to Zurich- the mountainside villages are endless and are not to be overlooked! These are some of the most quintessential Swiss sights to see. Think, Sound of Music esque! There is no specific destination for these beautiful places, discovering new spots is what it’s all about!

So, who is planning a Switzerland road trip now!? I know I am already plotting my return to Europe this summer.


Switzerland looks amazing! Only been in Bern, but after reading this I think we will think about a good road trip there, so magical.
Great pictures, love the content!

Safe travels