10 Destinations with the Bluest Water You Have to See to Believe

April 2, 2020

Recently, I’ve found myself craving the hot summer sun and reliving memories of the bluest water I’ve ever laid my eyes on. While I might not be on a beach in Curaçao or sipping coconuts in Bali, I am still able to escape through photos. Join me to dive into 10 destinations with the bluest water you have to see to believe.

Bluest Water Destinations Around the World

Krabi + Koh Samui, Thailand

We think of Thailand and we automatically think of an exotic destination surrounded by the bluest water. For good reason. Thailand has been the backdrop for many movies like The Man with the Golden Gun, shot in Phang Nga Bay, known as James Bond Island and The Beach with Leonardo Dicaprio shot in Koh Phi Phi. But it was during my first visit to Krabi in 2016, my first year of international travel, when I fell hard and I fell fast.

Since 2016, I’ve had many opportunities to explore different corners of Thailand, however, Koh Samui and Krabi are at the top the list when thinking of Thailand.

I stayed at the Ritz Carlton Reserve, Phulay Bay. I quickly learned luxury and paradise pair well together visiting Hong Island. About a 30-minute boat ride from the docks at Phulay Bay you arrive to turquoise water, towering limestone cliffs, and white sand.

The second Thailand destination with the bluest water I’ve ever seen was Koh Samui. You know the color of blue Gatorade? Truth bomb: blue Gatorade is truly the color of this water. No filter needed. On a boat tour I visited many islands within Mu Koh Angthong National Marine Park, home to 42 islands and 39 square miles of land and ocean. An experience you just can’t miss. I mean, LOOK AT THIS WATER.

Green Lake, Whistler

Probably not what you were expecting, right? Well, let me change your mind. While, turquoise water makes us think of far off tropical destinations scattered along miles and miles of ocean we must not forget those alpine lakes, because they deserve a piece of the cake, too!

Let me transport you to Green Lake nestled in the mountains of Whistler, Canada. Green Lake is fed by glacial streams trickling down from the high alpine territory and as you can imagine- it is ABSOLUTELY freezing. At the height of summer, I took the plunge and it was bone chilling cold. Green Lake is conveniently close to town, as a result you would expect the lake to be packed with people but, it is the exact opposite. I think it is the cold water that deters them!

You are surrounded by views of Wedge Mountain and Armchair Glacier whilst floating in Green Lake, so be sure to take in the view. This will immediately transport you into an unforgettable visual meditation.

Nusa Penida, Indonesia

A very well known, and arguably, over touristed place in Indonesia: Nusa Penida Island. Upon first sight, I could not believe my eyes. How could a place with this Jurassic landscape in the middle of the Indian Ocean and just a few hours from Bali- exist? Spoiler: it does exist and it is a feast for the senses.

Sumba Island, Indonesia

A relatively unknown and under-touristed place in Indonesia: Sumba Island.

NihiSumba, I know it as Nihiwatu, is an off the beaten path destination you can’t miss in Indonesia. Oftentimes top of mind for the archipelago nation is Bali but it was on Sumba Island that I was reminded: there is unknown beauty scattered across the world. Beauty is found far beyond our comfort zones, and we must seek it.

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Bluest Water in Mexico

I know this goes without saying, however, I have to say it, Mexico is a mecca for the bluest water in North America. Which is why I can’t narrow it down to one single place! Mexico works as a quick weekend escape for those of us in North America, too. In Mexico, you don’t have to travel off the beaten path to see the bluest water, hot spots like Cancun and Cabo are great locations to lounge and catch some rays.

Ranguana Caye, Belize

HELLO PARADISE. Located just an hour from Placencia and only accessible by boat is Ranguana Caye. On the island there are facilities, spotty Wi-Fi which you don’t need anyways, and light refreshments. Here, your only obligation is to r e l a x. Surrounded by clear water for as far as the eye can see under that hot Belizean sun sipping a fresh coconut. TAKE ME BACK.

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Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Aitutaki, pronounced ‘eye-two-tahki’, is located in the South Pacific and is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon, barrier reef and many other small, uninhabited islands. It’s the jumping point to visiting surrounding places like One Foot Island and Honeymoon Island. File this under: bucket list.

Bodrum, Turkey

Have you heard of Bodrum? Because, prior to visiting Turkey in 2018 I hadn’t heard of this destination, probably because I kept my focus on major tourist spots like Istanbul and Cappadocia. I knew had to change this!

So after spending time in those two historic places I traveled to Bodrum. In Bodrum I quickly discovered it is a destination filled with Mediterranean influence, a rich history that dates back to the 4th century B.C., and turquoise water- of course.

Playa Kenepa Grandi, Curaçao

The tiny Dutch island of Curaçao sits above Venezuela alongside its sister ABC islands of Aruba and Bonaire. On Curaçao, there are beaches scattered all along its coast, namely Playa Kenepa (Playa Abou). This is, by far, the best beach. Snorkel, cliff jump or simply float around in the turquoise water- here there is a little something for everyone.

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Bahia de las Aguilas, Dominican Republic

Bahia de las Aguilas, ‘Bay of Eagles,’ can be found in the southwestern part of the Dominican Republic in Jaragua National Park along its border shared with Haiti. Be warned: this is not a beach you will pull up to, park your car and walk to the beach. It is only accessible by boat or 4X4. I visited by boat and it was stunning- breathtaking views of limestone cliffs and endless ocean. After swimming around and lounging in the Dominican sunshine it was time to leave, and then when I left Bahia de las Aguilas, I sailed off into the sunset. Literally. The sun was setting and the sky was lit up in the most vibrant hues of pink and orange.

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Which destination with the bluest water do you want to visit? Personally, I say all of them 😉